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Needless to say that much of the appeal to the South Bay has to do with it’s proximity to the ocean and all that it entails. Beautiful views, dazzling sunsets, warmer winters and cooler summers and outdoor activities of every variety. One of the cities most often thought of, especially for those relocating from other parts of the country, is Redondo Beach. Redondo Beach is the largest of the “Beach Cities” (Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach) and has the greatest number of housing options. Everything from a studio condo in the $500K range, to oceanfront estates well into the millions. If your searching for that dream of living oceanfront, you really only have a few options and almost all are on the street known as the Esplanade. The Esplanade is in the area known as South Redondo and has every housing option available. Some of the least expensive oceanfront options are the condos in one of several buildings.

Although there are other buildings, here is a rundown of the main complexes and what they have to offer.  Contact us for more information on any of these incredible beachfront properties.

Esplanade oceanfront condos

Ocean Plaza – 531 Esplanade

One of the only “highrise” buildings in all of the South Bay, Ocean Plaza offers a great location and some great views.  Although it sits oceanfront, most of the units at 531 Esplanade are at an angle and do not look straight out on the ocean but north and south so views are very limited on lower floors….especially with units towards the back.  Upper floors that are higher than the neighboring buildings can have some incredible ocean and coastline views.  While you don’t quite get the “right on top of the sand” feeling that you do in some of the other buildings….it’s generally priced a bit lower than other “oceanfront” condos. Ocean Plaza features an ocean view pool, workout room and is located walking distance to the pier. All units in 531 have some views with units higher up having more dramatic and unobstructed views. All units are accessible through the inside of the building which some owners like, but units are down a rather dark hallway.  View the current Ocean Plaza condos for sale

535 & 555 Esplanade

The complex known as Casa Bahia actually consists of 2 addresses which are 535 and 555 Esplanade. l  Unlike some of the other buildings along the Esplande not all of the units are oceanfront and in fact many of them face east.  Some have no views while some have partial views but it’s still tough to beat the location and proximity to the water.  There are plenty that are oceanfront however and some are spectacular.  The lower units are pretty straightforward with oceanfront balconies above the beach.  The upper units pull back a bit as the complex has a great outdoor deck area.  Casa Bahia has an ocean view jacuzzi and a workout room.

565 Esplanade – Surfrider

Located at 565 Esplanade the Surfrider is unique architecture for the area with an unusual look from the street with towers of gleaming red tile across bright white.  Consisting of two separate buildings, the Surfrider is unique in that many units are  “interior” or side facing condos meaning they only offer partial views looking in between or on the sides of the building.  There are some fantastic oceanfront units but they rarely come on the market.  The complex offers an ocean view jacuzzi and a deck area for those that don’t have the oceanfront units.

575 Esplanade

Units are rarely for sale at 575 Esplanade. Unlike the Ocean Plaza at 531 Esplanade, not all units are oceanfront or have views. Units range in size with units facing the street side, with no views starting in the mid $850K range and oceanfront units that have been upgraded being in the $1.3M range and up.

615 Esplanade – The Sand Castle

This building is known as the Sand Castle and is probably the most  oceanfront building other than 721 and 729 Esplanade as there are no east facing units. The Sand Castle consists of two different buildings with one in front, and lower, than the other.  The bottom two levels (5th and 6th floor) of the rear building somewhat obstructed or no views, but all other units and floors have panoramic ocean views. The Sand Castle really feels like a vacation and from the moment you open your door, it’s breathtaking pacific ocean views. One bedroom units often start in the mid $600K range (for 5th floor) with a close to 800 square feet, with larger 2 bedroom units pricing over $1.1 range. Unlike some of the other buildings there are virtually no interior hallways and all of the units are accessible from the walkway on the east side of the building.  It’s exposed to the elements (the little weather we have) but it does make for a more open feel.

625 Esplanade – San Simeon

The last of the northern cluster of  condo complexes is  San Simeon.  The street address is 625 Esplanade. Many of the homes in San Simeon have breathtaking panoramic views although some units are towards the back with ocean peeks at best.  There are also some east facing units with no ocean views. Prices in San Simeon generally range from the low $700Ks to well over $1,100,000.

721 Esplanade – Oceania

Oceania only has oceanfront condos and the views here are some of the most spectacular. The bluff is up a bit higher here which makes for endless views. This is definitely what most people think of when they think of oceanfront living.  As the building is very high up there is a bit of a detachment from the beach but oh the views!

727 Esplanade – Riviera Shores

Riviera Shores is the last building to the south on the Esplanade (there are a few single family homes to the south.  This is true oceanfront living as it’s perched highest on the bluff.  The views are incredible (the parking lot even  has spectacular views!)  There isn’t much in the way of amenities with just a jacuzzi but what does it really matter when the beach is litterally a stones throw away.  There are 1 and 2 bedroom condos with the top floor penthouse units having larger square footage.

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